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About Vonk Digital

About Vonk Digital

Vonk Digital was formed in 2011 and we launched our first website platform in 2012. At Vonk Digital we aim to elevate the mediocrity the mortgage industry has grown to accept when it comes to presentation, specifically online web presence. We offer an easy-to-use, cost effective, feature rich mortgage website platform that will literally be the backbone of all your new business development success.

We are a young company, we have a lot of drive, and we will never stop working on improving old features and adding new ones!

“vonk” means spark. We exist to spark to new interest in your business, through your online presence and marketing efforts.

Our Vision.

Build a Foundation.

There are no shortcuts in marketing.  You need to build your marketing efforts and new business development on a sound foundation. Use our sites and all of the features to be successful.

The Future.

Not only do you get what we think is the best mortgage website platform on the market. We are young, hungry, and aggressive. Vonk is working closely with today’s industry leading originators of all sizes to constantly develop new features and improve old ones. As you grow we grow. Let’s dominate together!

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