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Mortgage Searches Initiated On Mobile Devices

So how important is it that your mortgage website be mobile friendly?

Whelp… as we mentioned back in 2015, it is extremely important.  If your mortgage website is not mobile friendly you are losing business. It is that simple. It is never to late to get a mobile website and it only takes a few days.

Here are some interesting statistics from a report done by hitwise from April 10 – May 7, 2016:

  • “15 year” and “30-year mortgage” was searched 73 percent of the time from a phone.
  • “Interest rate” was searched 65 percent of the time from a phone.
  • “mortgage calculator” was searched 55 percent of the time from a phone.

Question: So what does this tell you?

Answer: Today’s would-be new home buyers begin their journey to home ownership on a smartphone. So if your mortgage website is not mobile friendly. We leave you with this emoji.

If you want to be mobile friendly within the next 2 business days. Contact us today.

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