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Vonk Digital’s Mortgage Website Template contains everything you need in a mortgage website.  You can blog, capture leads, integrate with social media, create web and landing pages, monitor site traffic, generate 1003 applications, manage SEO and much much more!
All from one integrated platform.


Vonk Digital hosts your website on our secure private servers. We also issue an SSL Certificate standard with every website. (in other words we do not cut corners when it comes to security)

Why does having an SSL certificate matter?

A mortgage company that is collecting social security numbers, employment history, and bank account information through an online mortgage application needs to be secure in order to protect their clients information.  We actually secure your entire website, not just some redirected page with your logo at the top.

Mortgage Website Hosting and Security


The Benefits of using WordPress.

The WordPress platform makes Vonk Digital’s mortgage website template super easy to edit and customize.

We use WordPress for the versatility it gives us.  We did not want to have the best websites for a few years, and then get stale because our platform was getting out of date.  With WordPress we don’t have to worry about that happening.  With WordPress we can always have the latest looking websites.  Which means we can give our clients visually stunning websites by today’s standards, and be ready for what tomorrow brings.


Create unlimited custom contact & quote forms with ease

Receive instant email and text message notifications!

Calls to action to capture information are strategically placed throughout the site prompting clients to enter their contact information.  Site traffic makes you feel good. Leads make you money!

Our contact forms can be customized with tons of different options!  They are extremely easy to edit and create.

You can create as many different forms as your heart desires.  Quickly build and design your contact forms using the drag and drop form editor. Select your fields, configure your options, and easily embed forms on your website using the built in tools.

View Live Demo Sites Now

Our sites are completely customizable but you can see some design layouts to help visualize what your site could look like.

Ready to See Our Pricing Plans?

If you are ready to get started the next step is to view our pricing plans and choose one that best suits your needs.


STREET CREDIT by Vonk Digital

Customer reviews are the single most effective bit of marketing you can do for your company. With Street Credit by Vonk Digital, clients can easily display and request new client reviews. Our reputation management software helps mortgage companies ask for reviews on sites that matter to them.

Click for more details!


Mortgage Website Blog Click to view a live example!

Blog Frequency Impacts Customer Acquisition. 92% of Companies Who Blogged Multiple Times a Day Acquired a Customer Through Their Blog (Hubspot)

Integrate your blog with Social Media
Built in Social Media sharing buttons
Easily write and post articles
Articles can display links, images and videos
Optimize your blog posts for search engines


Increase Lead Acquisition by Using a Landing Page with Your Online Advertising

Mortgage Landing pages are often linked to from social media pages, email campaigns or search engine marketing campaigns in order to enhance the effectiveness of the advertisements. The general goal of a landing page is to convert site visitors into leads and sales. By analyzing activity generated by the linked URL, marketers can use click-through rates and conversion rates to determine the success of an advertisement.

Customers can have unlimited landing pages and can customize them in many ways.  You can literally customize the entire page.

Fully Customizable – Tons of options!
Display Your Services and Value Propositions
Use Different Phone Numbers for Tracking
Setup different versions for different Ad locations
Setup different versions for different Ad locations
Offer a Strong Call to Action
Include a testimonials, videos, or images
Build Unlimited Landing Pages
Use our clone feature to make multiple versions very quickly
Click to view a live example!


Build your email marketing database with MailChimp integration.

Connect all your contact forms to your mailchimp account and automatically build your list.   Setup RSS-to-Email Campaigns so every blog post automatically becomes an email blast!

Need help designing a campaign?  We can absolutely do that!


We can easily integrate your site with DropBox, Google Drive, Sharefile and many other platforms.
Your borrowers can upload documents directly on your mortgage website for easy and secure file transfer
We can also setup buttons that link to your Sharefile page or just about any other document sharing program you use


LeadMailbox is a trusted and efficient Lead Management System utilized by thousands of satisfied users nationwide since 2004. Their fully web-based system is simple to use but still offers powerful tools like distribution rules, auto dialer, email campaigns, reporting, and mobile access. They are fully integrated with hundreds of lead vendors and other service providers. They also offer all of this for pay-as-you-go pricing with no annual contract.

Vonk Digital clients Receive 50% off the setup fee!

SEO (search engine optimization) MANAGEMENT TOOL
Easily optimize every page of your website and blog

  • Easily optimize your website with SEO by Yoast.  This DIY program is completely free and we install it on all of our clients websites.
  • It has a content analysis function which helps you optimize your page correctly.
  • We offer free 30 minute training on how to setup your SEO correctly.

Does Vonk Digital offer an SEO service?

Yes.  Clients can simply have us do an initial SEO setup for a one-time fee or maintain their SEO on a monthly basis.


It is also mobile friendly!

Mobile Friendly Online Mortgage Application

Clients can now fill out a full mortgage application on their cell phones! Gone are the days of having to use your fingers to zoom in to see the different fields. Every aspect of Vonk Digital’s mortgage websites are now fully responsive or mobile friendly.

When a client chooses their financial mortgage on the application, that financial mortgage will receive an email notification when the application is completed.

The application generates a fnm 3.2 file that can be uploaded into any LOS software.


They Look great on ANY device.

  • “15 year” and “30-year mortgage” was searched 73 percent of the time from a phone.
  • “Interest rate” was searched 65 percent of the time from a phone.
  • “mortgage calculator” was searched 55 percent of the time from a phone.

Information from

View Live Demo Sites Now

Our sites are completely customizable but you can see some design layouts to help visualize what your site could look like.

Ready to See Our Pricing Plans?

If you are ready to get started the next step is to view our pricing plans and choose one that best suits your needs.

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