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Mortgage Website SEO Services

The mortgage website SEO approach by Vonk Digital is a ‘white-hat’ process to help your website rank on today’s major search engines, particularly Google, through SEO best practices. We strive for Page 1 – Spot 1 results for local target terms.

*Our SEO package requires a minimum 8 month contract.

The Works


This plan is designed for those who want to be hands off.  Not only do we handle the entire setup; we monitor, tweak, and provide detailed reports every month!  We charge a 1 time setup fee to do all the upfront setup work, then we charge monthly for the maintenance. We look forward to getting your name out there!

Keyword Analysis: Keyword research based off of competitor analysis, keyword research and client feedback.
Keyword Targeting: Identify most relevant keywords/key-terms to implement within the SEO campaign.
Title Tags
Create META Descriptions
H1, H2, and H3 Tags
Image ALT Tags
Content Optimization / Keyword Density
Internal Linking
Content Placement
URL Optimization
Schema Markup
XML Sitemap Creation
Google Submission
Google Search Console Setup
Google Analytics Setup
Google My Business Setup
Yoast SEO Premium – 1 Year ($89 Value)
Yoast Local SEO – 1 Year ($69 Value)
Local Citation Submission ($75 Value)
4 Optimized Blog Posts per Month ($20/month Value)
Reputation Management Software ($29.95/mo Value)
Monthly Performance Monitoring and content tweaking
Monthly Local Competitor Keyword SEO Rankings
Monthly SEO Reports


Mortgage Website SEO is a timely process. It is not possible to guarantee a particular rank within a specific time bracket. Certain variables like algorithm updates, current SEO status, competitor SEO and more will determine how soon/how long it will take for your website to rank based on target terms. Most clients start to see a rank in as little as 3-4 months, however depending on your market competitiveness and key term choice it can be from 8-12 months. Prior to starting a paid SEO service with us or with another company please be prepared that SEO is NOT an overnight magical occurrence.

We require a minimum 8 month contract for SEO.

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